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**Extremely important, please read!!**

I recently helped this user, @shineefangirllll to receive $400. She claimed that this money was from her dad, as her parents had gotten a separation and that this money was "maintenance money". Thinking it sounded legit and reasonable enough, I agreed to help her and the money was transferred to my account. I met her on 29th June at Clementi MRT station to pass her the money, and I thought that was the end of the matter.

Today(30th June), I received a call from my bank, and they said that the sender of the $400 requested to have the money back. I was shocked to hear this as I had already given the money to the user and she was the one handling it. I went back to her profile, and I saw a negative feedback posted on her account just today. The feedback requested for the user to return $400 to her, which was the same amount I had passed to her just the day before. I got worried, and immediately contacted the person who left the feedback (@pineapplestop). I was horrified to learn that the user who approached me for help had supposedly sold her some tickets for Britney Spears' concert here at $200 each(she bought 2 tickets). The user had presumably lied to me about the separation money, and as a result, @pineapplestop has lost $400.

If anyone has any information on this user, @shineefangirllll, please approach me or @pineapplestop. She has a warning listing up on her account on the same user as well. I have heard that this is not the first time this user has scammed people. If you are one of her victims, please PLEASE approach me. Any help/info given is greatly appreciated. A police report has been filed against her btw!

I have more screenshots of our conversations but there are not enough spaces to put everything. Feel free to CTB me for more pictures!

Thank you for reading! If she approaches you for help, please DO NOT help her. She supposedly sells concert tickets at low prices, but after someone transfers her the money, she disappears and doesn't reply to messages. (So far, she has "sold" Britney Spears tickets, Twice tickets, Coldplay tickets and more!) DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM HER.

Update(3 July): She replied saying she really did transfer back, but the buyer did not receive anything. All she did was to call the bank amd they told her that the funds did get transferred coz it was deducted from her acc. No further attempt to try to get the money back or whatever, and takes super long to reply even though this is an urgent situation. Says that me and the buyer are 'shaming' her online when we are just warning ppl about her and we didn't spew nasty things or vulgarities at her. Says that she will let the police handle this so that it'll be less 'messy', even though she can take the easier route and just settle it quietly with us. Our conscience is clear and she can do whatever she wants. She will be the one getting into trouble so it's none of our business.

@shineefangirllll 's number: 8812 2465
Her (presumably) real name: Dharsiyni (if you are this person but did not take the $400, please contact me as well as this is a serious matter.)

@pineapplestop 's listing:

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