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Scammer on apartment renting
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Shu Hao
Singapore, United Kingdom
Below is the email message that I received from the scammer. Sounds too cheap and too good to be true.

My name is Shu Hao and I just got an e-mail regarding your interest in my apartment located in 10 Dover Rise District D05 Singapore 138680.

I am looking for someone to rent my flat inherited from my grand-mother. I am the single owner, the apartment is fully paid and there is no legal problem. The apartment is unoccupied since I no longer live there.
I want to rent my apartment to some nice and responsible persons, so I would like to know more details about yourself : How old are you, if you are married, if you have a pet, if you have a car, occupation, for how long you want to rent my apartment etc..

In addition to the rest, here is some information about myself and about the apartment, so we get to know a little more:

The apartment is exactly like in the pictures, very clean and equipped with everything you need, has been recently renovated.
The rent per month is 610 SG$ with All Utilities Included (water, electricity, internet, cable ).

About me, I am 41 years old and I am a researcher in pharmaceutical products, currently living in London, my home town. I'm in London, United Kingdom but I already though at a solution so you can get the keys and visit the apartment to make an impression.

Here are more pictures:

Thank you,
Shu Hao
2 months ago
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