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Scam and illegal business alert at Keng Cheow Street
Crime Type
Full Name
Soh Chee Shong
Incidence Date
06 Jan 2018
Hi everyone, scam and illegal business alert.
Here is a report related at 11- Keng Cheow street. The riverside pizza (old condo complex) the studio for rent - at level #07-08. Owner name is Soh Chee Shong ID: S7175779Z- English Name called Jason or Jason Soh.
Note: The unit is too small and there is 4 studios in one unit, which can’t determine standard for studio, too crowded, thin wall, unsafe layout, no fire alarm, leaking toilet smell, cheat on advertising, narrow exit and entrance (note that there is many steps up and down and tenant must climb up to bed room and plus its caused my Husband injury that we paid for $30k Sgp for surgery and lost of his confidence and costly) what I have written here that I can prove evidence for those who concern my case is true. Read the contract carefully that he forced you to pay AC maintain which is very old and always leaking water.
There must be consider Jason business is illegal and cheated government to modification unit by himself, he needs license to do so, and registration for tenant. Since he gave tenant agreement which written by himself, no sub-tenancy which is obligation between landlords and tenant. He might not pay for stamp duty and declare tenancy agreement for justify tax with government.
First, In the contract agreement - there is no more than 2 tenants in one unit - since he build up 4 studios, means there is possible than 6-8 people in this unit.
Second, He is not allow to blocked up tenant while they still authority to access the properties which i already paid rent. He dispute and disturb tenant privacy and authority. I claim that his business is illegal and he must pay for cheating government taxes. (I have confidence to wrote this because I’ve been spoke with authorities, management, police, legal advisor, and other agency)
In this case, I would encourage whoever has been trick or cheat kind of business, please reported to police, they will keep an eyes on these people, and one day they will bring them to jail. Please don’t be hesitate to report criminal potential when they arise here. Keep Singapore safe and trustworthy law and regulations.
Thanks for reading my post, and I will not stoping posting this, reported to all department who could help us bring him to jail or al least close his business.
I have all evidence who was involve and was his victim before and included me. Whoever was his victim, please email Me.
Jason Soh or Soh Chee Shong, he has many agent post his business on App and website, stay way from this business or lose all your money. He also has some properties at Tiong Bahru and Novena areas.
Scam !! Cheat people. Don’t trust the book by its cover, check carefully before you sign contract. Don’t sign for one year if you want a problem like mine. He will insisted d you to do that.
My email-
Further any question feel free to email me to prove evidence and his illegal business
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