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This dude is the cheapest guy you can ever find on carou
This guy offered $2 for a product worth $200 and the highest bargain was $4
Weird for someone claiming himself to be a millionaire
What's worse is the fact that he is being racist af and would most likely reject a deal if I'm Malay. What does this have to do with race?
Thirdly , he asked for me to just give him the acc for free or give him my username and password for that acc before we even deal, or he would be reluctant to deal

Tbh I feel that he's autistic , racist and cheap af
Don't deal with this buyer .
PS: He claims to have money to buy $3k for a Friend but can't go past $10 to buy a product worth $200
HP No:+65 9388 3865
4 months ago
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