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OCBC, Maybank
+6581908473, +6585452075, +6584134687, +6582343749, +6581342687, +6585395836, +6587408369, +6587406389
Bank Account No
533898540001 , 14190805855
If you're looking for tickets, pls do not give this a miss!

As you all know many celebrities and idol groups are coming to singapore for events and concerts and there's this "creative director" who uses this opportunity to scammed people of their hard-earned money.

He is currently targeting Ed Sheeran's concert, Music Bank in Singapore and Jay Chou "The Invincible 2" 2018 concert.

Seventeen diamond edge in singapore

Our amazing director comes up with juicy ideas such as agreeing to do meet ups but still urge you to bank transfer him by telling you there's many interested party and can bank in now to make you feel desperate which is

He will even come up with oscar award winning storyline by playing the seller and buyer by himself for screenshots just to get you believing top-notch self directing lol

He is even willing to show his pink nric card in the case if yall ask for it but fun fact: the nric he sent you is not even his (no idea where he got it from....)

Creative director has come up with another new tatic by use one of his own carousell account to give good reviews to another carousell account. I must say that thats a really smart move but a sick one.

I really have no idea how one can blatantly still go around scamming others of their money when he's exposed - $0 integrity

He has multiple carousell accounts and moblie numbers so please check if the person you're dealing with is mentioned below.

— @admireheaven
— @juye1992
— @juyeyeye
— @jy19921
— @ahfei1994
— @farhanah1992 [suspended]
— @jacobchew92 [suspended]
— @ernestchew48
— @racheltanbx
— @edwincjy1992
— @chanhuihuanbts
— @nehnehzou
— @kpopislife82
— @clarencezou
— @jonathanlovestosmile
— @tanlitingxoxo
— @jasonlimexo
— @limkaijunxx
— @tanjunheng
— @zhicheng.neo

— 8190 8473
— 8545 2075
— 8413 4687
— 8234 3749
— 8134 2687
— 8539 5836
— 8740 8369
— 8740 6389

May Bank 14190805855
OCBC 533898540001

more details on how he self direct his own preloved film on 2nd picture.

‼️: feel free to pm me if you've any infomation about him or if you're unsure whether the person you're dealing with is him BUT please do so if you're a victim of his crime.

‼️: i'll update this listing regularly if he does create a new account or uses a new moblie number ;; lastest update [11/08/17, 10:07]

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