Frequently Asked Questions

What is QwerQ ? is a structured data sharing (SDS) tool that allows users to input data in a way so that the machine/computer understands the meaning of the data better. We can then have a more detailed filter/search on the data. Currently, most data on the Internet is in article-form that is human understandable but not machine understandable, so we need to rely on keyword matching searches on that data. The aim of is to fill this gap. Currently only supports a few categories but this list will be expanded over time. Some query examples :

What is an Entity ?
An Entity can be almost anything. It can be an object/thing/concept/subject that has attributes/properties and value in each of the property. Every entity has a list of attributes and each attribute has an associated value. Entities must also be placed into a category or multiple categories. A picture is worth a thousand words, and so too is an example.
Singapore is an entity that falls under the category of country, and the country Entity has the attributes/properties of population, country size, currency, official languages etc. An Entity can also become the value of another Entity's attribute. For example, the English entity as the value of Singapore's official language property.

What country is supported ?
QwerQ is now available worldwide, you can add entity for any country, except for Room/House for Rent is only available for Singapore at the moment.

How can I remove my ads that I didn't post here ?
We may have helped you post your ads at QwerQ, If you do not wish to be listed here, please email the URL of the ad you'd like removed to We will remove it immediately.

How I can help ?
QwerQ is a system that is from user for the user like you. By using QwerQ you are already helping us, you can also help by entering data into the categories that you have knowledge of. We also value your ideas, do you want a new category that you think maybe useful ? Let us know, we can create a new category literally within minutes, this can be done easily on our side without further programming, it's like a data entry process only.

Please email any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions to

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